Fashionable Charity

- August 22, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Fashion and charity. Not two things you’d usually put together. But why not? Now you can feel good knowing that 5% of all sales from malcandi.com.au are donated to animal charities. malc&andi is a forward thinking fashion label and website that believes fashion should be fun and adventurous, but also as good for your soul as it is for your body. It’s our Yin and Yang sort of thing.
You see we care for animals as much as we care for fashion. That’s why you’ll find a little bit of animal inspiration in all of our designs (whether it’s a leopard print lining, or a little duck in the corner of our website) and it’s why we contribute 5% of all of our sales to animal charities. They have also developed a business partnership with Animals Australia as we know they are a pretty amazing non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare and can genuinely utilize our donations.


“We intend to become the online destination for desirable, funky and well-priced fashion and lifestyle accessories. Currently malcandi.com.au stocks the UK fashion and lifestyle accessory brand breo and Lafitte socks” says the founders.

In the pipeline are malc&andi own-label products which will be available both online and in stores, and with 5% of sales contributed to animal charities from both in-store and online sales.


Visit www.malcandi.com.au to make a purchase that helps you look and feel amazing.