Experience = Profitability

- August 22, 2011 2 MIN READ

How does making a profit every year for 40 years sound or reaching annual sales exceeding a $1billion in 10 years sound? These are results that many startups only dream of but it is possible.

In the United States two companies are showing the world how combining unwavering commitment to employee and customer experience builds a sustainable and profitable business.

Southwest Airlines has ben flying in America for over 40 years and despite many of their competitors going bankrupt or merging they have never posted a loss. Zappos an online shoe and apparel retailer went from zip to over a $1billion in sales in just 10 years.

What does an airline and a e-retailer have in common, an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in employee and customer experiences. Both companies publicly share their core values, their commitment to employees and customers. It’s hard not to deliver when the whole world can see your promise.

From an employee perspective both companies clearly communicate to their employees why the company exists, give their staff a voice internally, provide regular training and empower them to WOW customers.

In regards to customers both companies since day one have set out to be the best in service, in their respective fields, they expect and empower their staff to delight their customers. They also give their customers easy ways to be heard should something go wrong or if they just want to provide a suggestion.

By having clear core values, investing in their employees and living each day to delight their customers both companies have been able to win multiple business awards, are recognized as employers of choice and have profitable businesses as a result.

The three take-aways from their success, which will help in you, are 1 – Have a clear purpose and values to build a positive culture; 2 – Invest in your employees; and 3 – Empower your staff to delight your customers


Jason realised his passions for customer ser- vice excellence and employee engagement in his early teens when starting his first busi- ness retailing information, communication and technology products and services. Over the following 15 years, he has applied these passions to the banking, financial, retail, tech- nology and government sectors actualising significant revenue growth, increases in client satisfaction and employee engagement.

Jason believes in challenging the status quo, inspiring employees, transforming teams and delivering results. His process reengineering, communication, change management and leadership skills are all enablers to delivering today and in the future.