Cloth Nappies Rising as Budgets Tighten!

- August 4, 2011 2 MIN READ

Carly Clark is the founder, director, designer, sales manager, packer and anything else that needs to be done of Pikapu.

They are a small family run business who came to be after the birth of their first child. They supply modern cloth nappies and accessories to direct clients through their website as well as to over 40 retail and internet stockists throughout Australia.

“Pikapu was launched in February 2010 after 12 months of design and testing on my 1st child. (poor little love!) Therefore as you’ve probably guessed, she was the inspiration for the business. Like many mums I wanted to do cloth, but as we were renovating at the time, I dreaded trying to do the old style cloth of terry squares, covers and pins that our mothers did. So I started off in disposables and after 2 months was over my bin being full every week of nappies, not to mention running out every week and having to do a supermarket run. Then the ideas came flooding in and the designs started. After a year of testing on my little one and changing the design multiple times I took the plunge, ordered and started to sell. It has been going extremely well ever since and the feedback from our clients has been amazing” says Clark.

In their first 12 months of sales they have turned over 100,000 in sales and that’s with Carly managing the business with a now 3 year old and 1 year old. She had baby Will just 4 months into the business!

Enquiries and sales are growing from strength to strength and as the cloth nappy market only holds about 6% of nappy sales (with the remaining sales still being dominated by disposable nappies) Pikapu will continue to grow. Many nappy stores are reporting that they are slowly seeing a shift back to cloth, which is positive for the business.

Another aspect of the company is their community involvement in great causes “I also feel that it is important to give back to the community so we are currently supporting Sids and Kids and the Mercy Breast Milk Bank and will continue to find other avenues to help as we grow. With Sids we offer discounted rates in their online store and a percentage of the sales goes to the charity. For the Mercy Breastmilk Bank we have a fundraising money drive on our Facebook page. As our business grows I hope to be more involved with helping out as much as we can” says Clark.