Cheap and Cheerful Photography

- August 1, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Your mad Neighbour/Renovator is likely in full swing at the moment thanks to a couple of highly rating, highly inspirational TV shows. So in the current economic climate are they also going for the cheap fix ?

For the unskilled, the cost of a ‘little’ renovation can quickly head north, sending their total project budget even more quickly south. It’s not for the feint hearted or the clueless.

With a little savvy however, cheap can be very cheerful. The reward of finding an inexpensive and simple solution (usually during the decorate stage) to your daily nightmares can be downright addictive, as seen on the shows.

As a contributor to the affordable end of the Interior Decorating industry, Lee Collins from ‘AustralianBush.com.au’ says “Op shops, Vinnie’s, Lifeline etc. are great for furnishings and maybe even artworks where you touch and feel. For our sector, cost effective Australian only Visual Arts, the answer is increasingly Online.”

If you are thinking about surfing the renovator wave, and you aren’t a tradey, keep it simple. Probably the cheapest fix for any room is to paint, recycle furnishings and add an artwork, easy.

The site www.AustralianBush.com.au allows customers to view a wide range of Collins’ photography work and order custom made prints and products for your home.

It’s still early days but if you cast your mind over to successful sites such as Aquabumps, we think Lee might be in with a winner if he can gain a solid following.