BizzBuzz Re-Launch!!

- August 16, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

BizzBuzz.com.au offers Australian small businesses unheard of deals on goods and services that will help them grow and prosper, they attracted a lot of media attention earlier in the year and have placed the business on hold recently to realign a few things in order to ensure they implemented some systems to give customers and clients an even better user experience.

Serial entrepreneur and founder of Bizz Buzz, Marcus Layton, said that while the group buying and online coupon space is saturated, no one has addressed the needs of small businesses.

“We know there are a lot of copycat businesses out there trying to emulate Groupon’s success. We’re here to do something truly different.The growth and success of group buying online has been truly outstanding. It boils down to one thing: people want to save money.”

“Although the number of sites out there offering cheap cupcakes and nail polishing services has become a bit ridiculous, no-one has addressed the needs of business owners,” Layton said.

Bizz Buzz deals let business owners test out goods and services to see which will work for their business before they pay top dollar. We are all about providing incredible value.From printing, to advertising, marketing, business cards, stationery, and much more, we’ll feature great deals at least twice a week to help small businesses in Australia thrive.

“Bizz Buzz is not my first venture. Having started my first business with less than $1000, it was necessary to learn how to be frugal when purchasing goods and services to grow the company. It was what I learnt through these experiences that has led me to launch Bizz Buzz,” Marcus Layton said.


To sign up so you know when the new deals go live, head to www.bizzbuzz.com.au