All I want is a bit of Coverage!

- August 26, 2011 2 MIN READ

We have all been there, we have built the ark and now it is time to get the word out to as many people as possible. As a startup you need to realise that because we live, eat and breathe the dream we are building we will always think that our idea and business is the best thing since sliced bread.

The harsh reality is this – when it comes to media, they too have a product and that is “the story” because “the story” is what attracts and keeps people watching, reading, listening and interacting with their platform which in turns means that advertisers, which quite often keep the media going are receiving a return on their investment.

The truth is – there is no real secret to “getting coverage” other than ensuring that the journalists and editors can fully visualise that your story is going to engage, entertain or educate their readers, listeners or viewers. The traditional and most effective method used across all platforms though is always begin with a press release. But how the hell do I write one of those? – Here are five simple steps that will help you structure something of standard that can be sent to the media.

1. A catchy title – It’s just like writing a novel, editors and journalists DO judge things by their cover [title]

2. Always write it in third person – Trust me, you will explain your business venture and bio better this way.

3. Get to the point – We are on deadlines, I don’t have time to read a novel

4. Use quotes – If you include external sources in your release with more street cred than you, people listen more

5. Personalise the Distribution – Nobody wants to feel like they have just received a spam style e-mail

To help you out and give you some structure, here is a recent press release we have just completed that will be going out to media for our third issue out next week. Notice that instead of pushing my product [the magazine] I have built a story around our product and positioned myself as a professional commentator in the space backed up by two people with great street cred, both of whom filled in their own quotes for the release.


Press Release -Shoe String Launch – August