Pork Chop Kids

- August 30, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Meaghan Resenhoeft has been in the fashion industry since college, after graduating from school she moved to New York where she was an Associate for a buying office in the accessories department.  After a few years in the City Meg received a phone call from a business owner in the Milwaukee area asking if she was ready to move back to the Midwest.  Months later she made the move back home where she was the head buyer and merchandise manager for an upscale women’s boutique…

After having her daughter, Tess, a reoccurring issue presented itself which no company had addressed.  By the time she turned to grab shoes for Tess she had pulled her socks off.  Another challenge was getting her dressed during the cooler months… Tess needed to wear a dress and obviously needed something to cover her legs, but who wants to wear tights over a diaper and a onesie??  As every grown woman can attest tights aren’t comfortable without those two extra items so why would you want your little one so restricted?  After a year of discussions with parents, research on manufactures and the open market, it became clear there was an opportunity to fill a genuine need in the marketplace… a baby thigh-high.

Thus, Pork Chops were born from the evolution of necessity…warmth, protection, easy diaper changes, no missing socks and runway-ready fashion!   Over 30 colors/prints are available, every few months new designs are created and added to the collection.  In January 2010 manufacturing was switched from Turkey to the USA.

Twitter: @porkchopkids