The Taste of Sweet Success

- July 4, 2011 2 MIN READ

After a long career in recruitment Claire Mukhi decided to leave her well paid corporate salary and create Food Guru, Australia’s first online food emporium. “I had reached that point that a lot of recruiters reach where I was either going to continue and make it my career or leave and do something completely different” Mukhi says of her decision to take the risk and go out on her own.

Food Guru has three distinct product offerings; Gourmet food, Kitchenware and Apparel as well as a comprehensive food directory that enables users to seek out food related experiences and identify local growers markets around their areas. A passionate foodie herself Mukhi hopes that her business of which her sister in law is her business partner, will help consumers connect back to the source. “One of the great features of the site is that we have partnered with a nutritionist who blogs on our products which adds a high level of credibility to our transactional model”

Strategic partnerships are a common theme in today’s entrepreneurial world with bloggers and writers adding enormous value to websites and publications. In a similar fashion Travel Candy are able to provide their growing customer base (which is sitting at over 20 000 people after only 5 months in operation) more value by giving them a personalised review of the deals on their site by professional travel writers.

The creation of Ben Mercer and Sam Friend, Travel Candy is a members only travel and holiday site, that gives users a significantly discounted deal for a limited period of time. “We met many years ago at uni and have used Ben’s extensive project management skills and my background of six years with the Wotif group to create a model that we hope will reach a revenue mark of around 3 million in revenue over the next year” says Friend.

These types of projections seem very realistic considering that start up incubator Pollenizer, known for launching successful deals site Spreets, has equity in their business. “It’s inspirational knowing that we are working with an incubator that has had success, and it also puts that little bit of pressure on to make sure we reach our goals” states Mercer.

One thing is for sure though, both Food Guru and Travel Candy have achieved what so many people with a great idea don’t and that is a successful launch. They put themselves out there and just did it and both of them recommend you do the same!