The Humble Business Card…

- July 3, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Never leave home without it! We’re talking about the humble yet incredibly powerful business card. Even in a world where  electronic networking is vital to grow your business, there is still nothing more personal, hands on and impressive than the humble business card.

You will notice that Shoe String Launch has partnered with Vistaprint – a global company that empowers more than 10 million micro businesses and consumers annually with affordable and professional printing options. Now based in Australia, Vistaprint supports the Australian startup and small business community more than ever before.

We both believe that your budget should never force you to compromise your brilliant business and marketing ideas. With Vistaprint, you can afford to customise and personalise your business cards, create matching business essentials for everyday administration, marketing and promotions, and events – all on a shoe string budget.

Make sure you take advantage of the offer running for this month for all Shoe String readers!