The Agency to be Watching…

- July 21, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Founded by Nima Yassini, newrepublique, an agency for the digital age, launched in April 2010 to respond to what they felt was a serious lack of global brand innovation in the local space.

In under a year, their courageous, empowering and contagious approach has resonated quite clearly with some of the biggest brands in Australia. They have achieved close to half a million dollars in revenue and secured an impressive list of clients such as Coca Cola, Zurich, NAB, Tourism Australia, City of Sydney, and University of Western Sydney to name a few.

Nima Yassini, the founder of newrepublique, encourages his clients to embrace anxiety about the digital age, and courageously connect with consumers in a way that really speaks to them.

As the ‘new generation storytellers’ for the digital age, newrepublique works with organisations to create contagious brand stories for their audience; connecting the physical and digital brand experience like never before.

As brands and their environment progress digitally millisecond by millisecond, questions are being asked by their gatekeepers. What happens to the old business infrastructure, when many customer relationships now begin or end online?

How do these two channels work together to create a continuous brand experience? This is the business challenge New Republique has set out to solve.

newrepublique has taken what’s become ordinary in traditional agencies (brand and strategic planning) and digital agencies (user experience and technology), and combined them together to create something extraordinary.

newrepublique is a group of highly skilled and talented individuals working under a new constitution, with borrowings from what has been traditionally proven.

Although currently ‘flying under the radar’, without a doubt, newrepublique will be the agency to watch in 2011 – 2012!