Tea for the Soul

- July 24, 2011 2 MIN READ

“I have always wanted to be a naturopath, ever since I can remember. I grew up in a house where natural therapies were used in the first instance rather than medications, so it was second nature to me”.  says Jackie Arbuckle

“I didn’t want to get into it straight away though – wanted a bit of life experience first, so I went to university and completed a science degree in Human Biology in 1998 and an honours year in psychology a year later. Then I worked as a research assistant at various universities until I went back to school in 2001 to begin my naturopathy degree”.

When Arbuckle started her naturopathic practice it cost her about $8,000 in the first year.  She still rents the same room in Carlton at the Carlton Health Group, and in the beginning, all she had was a glass cabinet with a few bottles of vitamins and herbs, a filing cabinet and a bookshelf full of her books.

Over the years her business has evolved a great deal. “I think I learnt more in the first year out than I did in the whole 3 degrees I have studied!” she says.

Jackie launched her herbal tea range in 2009 and it is has become very popular. She also stocks other herbal teas in her clinic such as Tas Teas and Byron Bay Teas.  “I think it is important to have options for people to drink something that tastes nice and benefits their health!  I make sure all my teas taste good”.

In 2010 she expanded her clinic to work rurally in Benalla, Victoria (about 2 hours drive north from Carlton).  A friend of hers was working as an osteopath there and she mentioned there was a need for a naturopath. “I started in her clinic one day a month and quickly booked out, so am now practicing there every second Tuesday.  It is really rewarding working both in a city and in the country. It is quite a different experience for me and I have learnt a lot and grown as a practitioner in that time”.

Just recently, in 2011 she has ventured into the world of facebook marketing, and have found it exciting to connect with people who are interested in complementary health care.

You can find out more about Jackie’s herbal tea range and practice by visiting www.alchemybodyandsoul.com.au