Startup: Jobs 4 Teens

- July 31, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

We all know that if we want a full-time job we can go straight to Seek, MyCareer or one of the other big jobsearch websites, but up till now, there’s been nothing for the out of school hours job market.

Gen-Y, the most tech savvy of them all, has to find jobs the old-school way, by handing out (half empty!) resumes, asking shop owners for vacancies or looking for junior jobs in the local paper.

Juliet Fieldew a mother of three teenage girls – has started a site to solve this problem born out of the frustrations of job hunting experienced by her own daughters. Jobs 4 Teens brings all those after school and weekend positions into the one online space making it easier for teens to apply. The site also provides first time teen job hunters with advice and access to the laws around employment educating them on what is often their first step into a paid role.

It is still early days for this site – but with some of the large companies that we can see advertising positions already and with a dream to expand internationally at a later date we think this is a niche business to keep an eye on.