Startup Enemy Number 1: Burnout

- July 4, 2011 2 MIN READ

You’re obsessed aren’t you?

I know what it is like, to be consumed with your project or let’s face it – multiple projects, as well as still working the day job whilst you start to build that business, that dream, that goal of finally working for yourself. Those 4 hours of sleep you are having each day are doing the trick for now, but realistically how long can this be sustained?

Well if you are not looking after yourself – My opinion is not very long. I am one of those people that really only needs 4 hours sleep a day, but I have noticed recently that with the long hours I have been pulling, that certain things such as the gym and diet are being forgotten about and that in turn is having a flow on affect on my mental and physical stamina.

I fear that if I don’t turn things around quickly and ensure that I take care of myself by doing exercise and putting the correct fuel into my body, I will get a visit from the number 1 enemy of all those starting up – Burnout!

I watched a great podcast over the weekend from TEDTalks podcast by Matt Cutts, the title was “Try Something New for 30 days” in it he was talking about implementing one thing for 30 days and trying it out to see if it sits well with you. He talks about the need of breaking things down and not going over the top, otherwise you will get to that burnout stage. It was a great talk that only goes for a couple of minutes and is free on iTunes – I recommend you check it out.

So what am I going to implement for the next 30 days to help prevent me suffering Burnout, other than of course eating right and getting my sorry behind on to the treadmill at least 3 times a week? I have decided that I am going to go to bed an hour earlier each night, it will be interesting to see what an extra 7 hours sleep will do for me…

What are you implementing to prevent Startup Enemy Number 1 ?