Startup: Baby Rego

- July 27, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Monika Crennan started her customised pram sign venture Baby Rego in August 2009 for just under $5,000. Previously she had worked for 15 years in Sweden in personnel management, marketing, sales and administration for different areas such as defence, education and hospitality.

After extensive research into different materials and sign-making, Monika purchased machinery and coloured vinyl for $3,500. The signs are customised and styled just like real car registration plates but for use on prams and strollers. The first pram plates were made by hand, and still are. For $1,200, a web designer was enlisted to create a site where the signs are designed and ordered (babyrego.com.au). Initially Monika sold the plates at markets around Sydney but now receives orders solely via the webpage.

Monika moved to Australia in 2007 and decided to concentrate on launching a small business when she started her family. What drew Monika to the idea behind Baby Rego was that it allowed her to mingle with other new parents and she couldn’t resist the challenge of introducing the pram sign concept to Australia. Once she got started, Monika found she also really enjoyed the combination of creative and manufacturing work that Baby Rego requires.

Monika found instant success with Baby Rego due to its unique look and sales have taken off through kind word of mouth.