Shop Your Wardrobe

- July 11, 2011 2 MIN READ

One in 12 women is addicted to shopping. We’ll never know for sure how accurate that statistic is (it may be even more).  But even if that’s vaguely close to the truth, it’s cause for concern.  One shopaholic, Jill Chivers, conquered her shopping addiction by completing a world class challenge – to “shop her wardrobe” and not go clothes shopping for one year. And now she’s helping others do the same.

15 December 2009 – Australian entrepreneur Jill Chivers officially starts the challenge of a year without clothing shopping.  For a woman who has a converted double bedroom as her walk-in wardrobe and freely admits to being a recovering shopaholic, this is no small undertaking.  At the beginning of the challenge, Jill has over 100 pair of shoes, 16 pair of blue jeans, and 12 animal print jackets. Yes, she knows it’s excessive.  No, she doesn’t know what to do about it except to start the stopping of the shopping. Throughout 2010, Jill records her ups and downs in a twice-weekly online journal.

15 December 2010 – Jill completes the challenge of a year without clothes shopping! She did it!  Her shopping dragon is dead, or at least severely disfigured. During the challenge, Jill explored the emotional power and psychological impact of shopping and discovered the emotional thread running through shopping is very real and very pervasive.  Jill discovered the drivers that create a feeling of never-ending “want” that leave many women feeling empty, restless and agitated.  Shopping seems like the answer they’ve been searching for – except it isn’t.

Shop Your Wardrobe. The year without clothes shopping challenge changed Jill’s life.  Not only did it change how she thinks and feels about shopping, but it changed how she spends her work hours.  In September 2010, Jill opened the (virtual) doors to Shop Your Wardrobe – the first program delivered completely online that supports and inspires women to create healthier shopping habits.  Shop Your Wardrobe helps its members journey back to conscious consumption with a focus on themselves, their wardrobes and their wallets.  We know of no other program like it.

Members of the Shop Your Wardrobe program (and followers of her blog) are from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the UK and Europe. They are deeply disturbed but extremely nice people.   Jill frequently receives comments about how non-judgemental she (and the program) is – for women who have been criticized and judged for their over-shopping, this is a breath of fresh air.  Jill’s style is light-hearted, frequently informed and always engaging.

Shop Your Wardrobe helps women to take control of their spending and live their lives – not spend them.  Members don’t want their year without clothes shopping to be a year of “going without” – they want to be inspired, supported, and to have some fun.  Details about this extraordinary program here: www.shopyourwardrobe.com.