Schade Brings Unique Back to Boardshorts’

- July 5, 2011 2 MIN READ
Schade brings together unique individuals who are passionate about creativity and their environment. Together we turn these elements into wearable and limited edition pieces, with only 100 ever made in any style. Schade is an independent label, designed and run from a shed in Victoria.
Conceived in late December 2008, design and sourcing took place over the Australian summer. The first Schade sample Boardshorts were out and about in March 2009, just before hibernation begun in Victoria. With a couple of Indo missions the designs, fabrics and finishing touches were all dialed in and the first range was available online in 2009.
The Schade Boardshort range features three different styles. On the Knee Stretch / On the Knee & Above the Knee Scallop. The signature style in the range is the On the Knee Stretch Boardshort, with a 21 inch outer leg length.  The 140gsm 100% Schade 4 Way Super Stretch Polyester fabric is comparable to the leading Boardshort brands but in a limited edition style and still at a point at less than $100. The other On the Knee style uses a 140gsm 100% Polyester fabric which is lightweight, tough and quick to dry. The newest cut in the range is the Above the Knee Scallop short which is the shorter brother at 17 inches.  It features a contrast waistband and piping details and sports a rad little rear batwing pocket with a black button closure.
The artwork on all Schade apparel has been submitted by all types of artists from around the world, and only 100 limited edition prints are done in each design. The first pair of shorts made goes straight to the designer, the second usually gets snipered by someone at Schade so the other 98 are there to be purchased. Unlike traditional surf companies who may print tens of thousands of shorts in any one colour, you can wear something a little different.
Schade loves to discover new artists, if you draw on the back of dunny doors, scribble on surfboards, sharpie mo’s on drunk mates faces then shoot an email to: