Scents and Sustainability

- July 21, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Bronwyn Gascoigne and Dean King had one aim – to create a product that was beautiful and luxurious but also had as little impact on the environment as possible.

In 2008 they succeeded in this by creating Gascoigne and King a scented candle business that encompassed the beauty and luxury they had dreamed of.

They achieved an organic product too by using eco-soy wax harvested from fully sustainable resources and use metal free cotton wicks. Even the glasses are high quality drinking glasses and in addition, all the packaging is made in Australia using recycled paper and cardboard, and renewable local forestry resources, not to mention the fact that they make each candle specifically only after it has been ordered meaning not a drop of their beautifully crafted wax goes to waste.This relatively new company played a major part in the recent 2011 Bowie show at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. Their candles were displayed on each guest’s chair and illuminated the room with their soft delicate scent.

The candles make the perfect present for a loved one. Gascoigne and King just recently sent their candles to Miranda Kerr and her mother as a Mother’s day gift.

Their company is based in Surry Hills, with Bronwyn and Dean aiming to keep their brand local. This means that each order can be personally crafted in their studio and then delivered to their client, creating an intimate customer relationship.

For a small company Gascoigne and King have brought back a little bit of luxury through each of their candles.