Review: Sasuu

- July 5, 2011 2 MIN READ


Whenever I come across something that I think is brilliant you can be sure that I am going to be sharing it with you. Especially if I feel that the product or service can add real value to your startup business. I have recently started using Sasuu as my accounting tool here at Shoe String Launch, for those unfamiliar with the solution this is how they describe it on their website:

Saasu solves problems. Do you use spreadsheets to do your accounting? Maybe you have old style software blind to the internet or the more recent issue of a digital birdsnest of web applications?

Saasu is web based while also being fast, industrial and easy to use. We mind your business so you can build it.

Life is too short to key data, Saasu Bank Feeds and Connectors solve this problem. Stop mucking around with spreadsheets or basic online invoicing that doesn’t have the all the key elements of modern accounting that you need to grow a business.

If you are anything like I am as an entrepreneur than the financials and accounting are probably not your forte, you start off with a plan you intend to keep with of doing your books weekly, then that changes to fortnightly and then BOOM! It’s Tax time and you have receipts coming out of your backside, no clearly documented fiancials and then you hand it to an accountant and beg them to fix it for you.

Sasuu completely get’s rid of all that rubbish for you, everything connects to YOUR bank account and YOUR tax agents account so that they can go in and do there thing everytime you put the information in there. The other cool thing is you can completely manage your invoicing from the program, including customising these to include your logo and other details you wish to display – you can print them out physically or send as a pdf via email directly to your customers.

By tracking the incoming and outgoing revenue you can clearly see what areas of the business you need to cut spending on, the profitability of your business and the parts of your business that are booming – all of this helps you put together a sound strategy to go to market with based on accurate statistical data.

There are a million other things that I am sure I am yet to discover from this solution, but so far I am loving how easy it is making my life as I move into the new financial year as a small business owner. So what’s the best thing about it? It is only $15.00 a month! – Completely affordable no matter what size your business is.