Quick Tips with Kirsty Keane

- July 4, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Kirsty Keane is an Online Marketing specialist and will be writing a series of short bite sized articles on how you can get the best ROI for your business when it comes to this very misunderstood space.


1. Identifying the breakdown

If you aren’t happy with your online stores performance , whether this be in actual sales or another target such as member registration, rather than changing your site based on what you think the problem might be i really recommend installing tracking code on your site to identify what the problem actually is. This will save you time, money and keep your frustration levels in check, I promise!

I use Google analytics which is free and simple to use.  Let’s assume for this article that you do too. Install GA’s e-commerce  code ( or ask your  developer to do this for you which is what I do) and also set up some site goals. For example one goal might be to track your member sign up process.  Collect at least a week’s worth of data then sit-down with a coffee and analyse what the data is telling you.

Identify the breakdown i.e. is your site under performing due to

1) not enough traffic

2) low sales or member registration rate.

Once you identify the breakdown resolving the problem is a lot easier!