Online Shopping USA

- July 20, 2011 2 MIN READ

A new Australian website showcasing the best of USA-based merchandise to Australian shoppers is today announcing its online portal, Online Shopping USA.

Online Shopping USA, which is now live and accessible at http://onlineshoppingusa.com.au, was set up to facilitate Australian savvy shoppers taking advantage of the strong Australian dollar allowing them to realise tremendous bargains when purchasing from American online stores.

“We are very excited to have established Online Shopping USA, and our shoppers can be assured that we’ll be delivering the very best deals from US online stores so they don’t have to go hunting around for bargains. Issues of taxes, delivery times, shipping costs  and returns policies are all detailed on the site making it a one-stop shop so our shoppers will have a great online shopping experience” said James Harris, who co-founded Online Shopping USA with Ei Sabai Nyo.

A quick visit to Online Shopping USA will reveal that the site is not about the volume of products, but rather a focus is on carefully hand-picked items. “You’ll also notice that our curated site makes for a better selection of merchandise and our editors take the time and effort to make sure products are more competitively priced than Australian retailers” said James.

According to James, they continually scour hundreds of stores and thousands of products to bring shoppers examples of the best bargains from a range of shops. “These shops are hand-picked by our editors for their quality products, speedy delivery and efficient service offering bargains you might not be able to find in Australian high street stores or are much, much cheaper in the US,” added James.

Online Shopping USA targets a predominantly Australian female shopper with disposable income who is prepared to shop for a bargain and/or branded products that are not readily available in Australia. According to James, most of these shoppers aren’t necessarily first time online shoppers, but may not have experienced shopping overseas or be familiar with shipping costs or the benefits of consolidating orders to reduce delivery costs.

Online Shopping USA got started in late 2010/early 2011 by co-founders, James Harris & Ei Sabai Nyo, when realising that many Australians would like to shop online to take advantage of the strong Aussie dollar and get more variety, but weren’t sure where to start. “That’s when we decided to come in and set up Online Shopping USA,” said James, who claimed that one of the barriers that influences people’s decision to shop online is the lack of information and trust in the security of overseas online stores and “we aim to remove that barrier.”