New Startup: imOK

- July 5, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

My parents even to this day still make me send them a message or give them a quick call when ever I am travelling somewhere, even if it is just down to Melbourne for the day. Though in their defence they are way less stalkerish now that I have been living away from home and in Sydney for the last 8 years, for that first year though if they knew I was going out on the weekend they would do a light 3am stalker call to see if I was home, annoying – but at least I know they cared.

The reality is in our generation and the generations coming up behind us, we don’t want to be continually in touch with our parents – however parents want to know where their kids are without having to nag them. Enter new startup imOK.

ImOK gives kids points every time they check-in somewhere, those points can then be used for anything that the parent and child both agree to, for example –  movie tickets. More then sharing the ImOK app gives parents piece of mind and for kids the more they share the more they get. The app provides incentive for kids to share what they are doing and where – through imOK’s private and secure group that the family creates, they get even more points for sharing pictures and being more descriptive in their check-in’s.

However with similar functions on facebook and twitter, is this just another niche social network being launched into an already crowded market?