New Product: NRG Online

- July 29, 2011 2 MIN READ

Australian sports product manufacturer  NRG has made a breakthrough in negative ion products, launching a new range of Titanium ION Bands which work to increase blood circulation and decrease recovery time. Early tests indicate that the band releases up to 10 times more ions than similar products.

NRG Titanium ION Bands have already been embraced by leading athletes including Paul Gallen (NSW Origin and Cronulla Sharks Captain), Benji Marshall (West Tigers), Mitchell Pearce and Todd Carney (Sydney Roosters), Ben Hannant and Sam Thaiday (Brisbane Broncos), Ben Barba (Canterbury Bulldogs), Lance “Buddy” Franklin (Hawthorn Hawks), Scott Pendlebury and Dane Swan (Collingwood Magpies) as well as Kim Green (Australian and NSW Swifts netball).

The silicone wristband comprises negative ions in the form of tourmaline compounds, in conjunction with two Titanium discs which help to conduct the negative ions. Ions are naturally occurring particles that contain either a positive or negative charge.

Wearing of the NRG Titanium ION Band for a 20 minute period has been shown  to increase blood circulation and stimulate red blood cell activity. Increased circulation helps the body deliver more oxygen to muscles, reducing lactic acid build up and improve short term recovery between exercises.

In the days following exercise, improved circulation can help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness by providing increased oxygen to damaged muscle tissue.

Stewart Griffin, Managing Director of NRG said the new band represented a significant advance in negative ion products and has wide-reaching benefits.

“The NRG Titanium ION Band is an exciting advance, offering a high concentration of negative ions.

“Our initial testing of the product and feedback from athletes has demonstrated the value of this product. Due to the well-documented benefits of increased blood circulation, it’s not just athletes who will benefit from wearing the band, all of us can experience benefits, such as increased energy,” commented Stewart.

Queensland State of Origin rugby league player Ben Hannant said the product had assisted him to maintain peak performance during this year’s State of Origin series.

“During the State of Origin period the ability to recover quickly after games is vital, as representative players are required to play back to back games, sometimes in the space of only 48 hours.

“Wearing the NRG Titanium ION Band this year helped to accelerate my postgame recovery, providing me with the confidence to approach each game knowing I would deliver my best. The band is extremely comfortable and easily withstood the rigours of Origin football,” he said.


The NRG Titanium ION Band is currently available online and from Rebel Sports nationally. For further information, visit www.nrgonline.com.au or call 1300 527 141.