Moments of Mothering Madness!

- July 6, 2011 2 MIN READ

After juggling the madness of working full-time – one child in school, the other in day care – breastfeeding in a non-supportive work environment and then suffering major family trauma, Fiona Lewis from Sydney was at her wits end as to how regain balance in life. After a chance meeting with a childhood friend, Fiona took a giant leap of faith in leaving proven job security in teaching to start a career in Internet Marketing.

It was certainly worth taking the risk and Fiona recently took a prestigious marketing award. “I was amazed to be recognised by this award,” explains Fiona who beat a field of over 200 to take out the National Streetsmart Marketing Implementation Award at the recent Streetsmart Business School held in Melbourne.

Over the past three years, Fiona has created a successful online consulting business, however, the key to Fiona’s success with this award was what she was able to achieve in only 12 weeks – this included interviewing twelve highly successful ‘mumpreneurs’, writing a book to assist other ‘work from home’ mums, setting up a website (mumpreneursonline.com) to offer advice to these women, and pulling together over $16,000 in prizes for a competition.

Fiona is one of a growing group of women who are increasingly turning to entrepreneurship and are setting up businesses from home:

  • ‘Mumpreneur’ businesses are part of the fastest growing sector of the Australian economy
  •  The number of Mumprenuer businesses have grown 20% in the past five years •
  •  Many women who do not wish to succumb to working outside the home now see a home based business as a real alternative
  • The thinking has changed from them being a ‘hobby’ business to some serious money being made around the kitchen table.

Fiona plans to teach mothers how to develop successful Internet-based businesses and enjoy the benefits of having a balanced work and family life.

“The web abounds with online business opportunities for mums, and you don’t have to be technically savvy to find one that is right for you,” explains Fiona. “But uncovering sound business models and avoiding the get-rich-quick schemes is often challenging.”