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- July 13, 2011 2 MIN READ

“When I had my daughter, I had a strategy when it came to motherhood, just like I had when it came to my career and the rest of my life. However, as any parent will attest, sometimes babies have other ideas. A traumatic birthing experience, long recovery, bout of postnatal depression and, of course, falling head-over-heels in love with my baby girl led me to a complete philosophy turn-around.

I had no desire to go back to full-time work outside the home, but financial realities meant working was a must. I wanted and needed a job that could fit around my family commitments, so I began researching work from home options.

The frustration I experienced in my search for legitimate, work from home opportunities led me to establishing the Work At Home Mums website as a hobby in 2007. I wanted to help other mothers find a genuine home-based job, work-life balance and a supportive network to help them”. says Leah Gibbs founder of Lifestyle Careers.

Lifestyle Careers is an online recruitment job board. Our niche and specific focus is the advertising of flexible employment and work at home positions.

With the ageing of the population and changing labour market conditions, adopting a flexible approach to work helps businesses attract a diverse workforce including mature age workers, those in remote communities, parents and people with disabilities. Research shows that implementing flexibility helps improve productivity as employees have increased levels of engagement, job-satisfaction and well-being.

The concept of working from home, flexible working and telecommuting has gained momentum over the past few years and is widely becoming accepted, recognized, and formalized across the board. All tiers of Government and private sector companies are recognizing the benefits of work life balance initiatives.

Businesses are being creative in their quest to retain and attract staff. We have social networking, online learning, webinars, podcasts, Skype, VOIP, online collaboration, telecommuting, intranets, wikis and some fantastic SAAS and Cloud products available on the market today. All of this enhances the employee and employer experience in implementing and enhancing workplace flexibility and working from home.

The term ‘flexible work practices’ covers all the innovative ways employers and employees can agree to structure work to accommodate business and individual needs. Flexibility and Flexible Work are terms used to describe a wide range of work styles and employment practices. It is about maximizing your freedom to work where and when it suits you.  We are all different.  Not all of us want to work a traditional five day week or work full time hours