Is Australia going Candle Crazy?

- July 31, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Are candles the next big fad to hit our shores? I ask this because in the last week I have received about 15 press releases about new luxury candle brands launching in various places around Australia. Some are made from premium waxes, others have original scents and some have that country charm.

Soon consumers will become overwhelmed by the choice they have, ahead of time husband and wife team Adam and Rachel Zerner have created the ultimate online candle emporium housing all the new and luxury brands of candles in one easy online purchasing format.

Amongst a range of internationally renowned candle brands, Ambrosia Candles also features a niche collection of scented candles from Australia. Ambrosia Candles believe these Australian brands represent the finest selection of scented candles produced locally in Australia.

Brands featured in the Ambrosia Candles collection include: Aquiesse, Ecoya, Floriosa, Floris London, Gascoigne & King, Jaye Niemi, Kobo, MOR, Ortigia Sicila and Votivo.

All scented candles selected for inclusion in the Ambrosia Candles collection are carefully assessed on a number of qualities including the quality of product, type of wax used, level of fragrance throw, product presentation, brand reputation and country of origin.