Gorilla sends SMS offers to Customers

- July 18, 2011 2 MIN READ

Birthday Gorilla is a website created by Lee Vaughan in 2011, with a background in web and graphic design it made sense for Vaughan to start up something in the online space.

The idea initially came as a website that sent out SMS birthday reminders. Upon further brainstorming and research, Vaughan shifted his plans and discovered that many businesses sent out personalised messages (in the mail) to their memberlists on their birthday’s, wishing them a happy birthday and also including a incentive offer, coupon or reward.

Vaughan saw this as an excellent opportunity to create a service which was significantly cheaper than direct mail, that was automatic and would end up saving the business both valuable time and money. The idea of Birthday Gorilla started to come to fruition about a year ago.

A business simply has to sign up (free) , enter in their customers D.O.B , add a customised message and then add a coupon, reward or incentive offer. Birthday Gorilla takes care of the rest. Birthday Gorilla will SMS the customer on their birthday on behalf of the business. The SMS will then include a coupon or incentive offer to get the customer back to the store or service.

Birthday gorilla thus aims to help businesses market and draw in more customers to their store or service, increasing revenue and also helping with customer retention.  Birthday Gorilla officially launched in June 2011. The service is aimed at any sized business, whether its a small restaurant, gym or spa to big RSL’S and food chains.

It is however a fairly targeted service and the business has to have their customers D.O.B in order to use the service properly. Production of Birthday Gorilla took just under a year and was a challenge for Vaughan who developed Birthday Gorilla on a shoestring budget and in his own spare time.

“We have now got customers who use our service and have recieved some very good feedback from other entreprenuers and business owners. We’re confident enough now to ramp up advertising and to try and get the site out there as much as possible”. Vaughan stated.

Birthday Gorilla hopes to revolutionise and corner the birthday marketing sphere as well as help businesses market and engage more effectively with their customers.