Get Threaded

- July 26, 2011 2 MIN READ

Liz See founder of Get Threaded®, The International Institute of Excellence, Get Mineraled Cosmetics and The Eyebrow Experts has just released her unique beauty franchise ‘brow bar’ concept across Australia and New Zealand and you would never expect all this started with less than $5000.

How do you build a franchise system starting with $5000? ‘Organic growth, patience and a whole lot of hard work’ explains Liz.

Get Threaded was officially launched in 2009 after Liz first came across the concept in the USA lat 2007.  First came the certificate of completion course, then writing and becoming copyright owners of the nationally accredited government training course for threading in Australia and then becoming the only registered training organisation (RTO) who can deliver the course which was step one of a strategic plan that allows Get Threaded to be leaders in their field (Threading is an ancient technique where cotton is used to remove facial hair and it is a natural alternative to waxing).

Training ‘Get Threaded’ registered artists all over Australia and New Zealand, Liz saw much of 2010 in airports and on planes but the emphasis was finetuning the training and feeling out the markets on a mass scale to see if Australia and NZ were ready for the ‘threading revolution’. By October 2010 the Get Threaded concept salon grew out of demand as clients could not wait for the franchises to be released and the necessary diligence and subsequent creation of the online franchise operations for Get Threaded Brow and Beauty Bars came to life.

Although there are many facets of this business, Liz believes strongly her successful business would not have the strong foundations and meaning if she had started it with an open cheque book. Every step has been calculated through organic growth and demand, every concept surrounding the business has been carved with nothing but success in mind and this  she says, is only just the beginning!