Create your own Muesli

- July 26, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Claudia Poppe is the founder of MuesliMixer- customised muesli online. What does that mean? Really simple, they like to make eating healthy more fun and exciting. Muesli is a fast and easy breakfast option and customised muesli is even better. Out of more than 55 all natural ingredients customers are able to create their own individual muesli blend and then get it delivered to their doorstep.


A lot of people like muesli but not everybody likes the ready mixed muesli from the shelves. One person does not like raisins, the other one likes a lot of nuts and the next one would really like some crispy flakes with their traditional oats. With muesli it is like with all types of food – it can be very hard to please everybody’s taste.


The customer is able to choose from six different bases, can then select additional fruits, nuts and seeds as we ll as other extras to enhance his muesli and create it his individual mix. To make it even more personalised each muesli mix can be named (e.g. “Emma’s get up early mix”) and the name will be printed on the package.

Have a look for yourself at  www.mueslimixer.com.au