Choclo Project

- July 13, 2011 2 MIN READ

Choclo Project is an ethical brand from Australia providing versatile clothing designed to take you from the yoga mat or gym to go check the waves or grab a coffee. The benefits of core strength and balance sports such as yoga and slackline are becoming common knowledge and gradually being integrated into the training programs of most world class athletes.

In their ambassador team they have both professional surfers and snowboarders that are also yoga teachers. This year they will be launching product in collaboration with inspirational Hawaiian surfer and world tour veteran Rochelle Ballard. Rochelle is not only regarded as the worlds best female tube rider but she is also a very active role model, inspiring other surfers through her surf into yoga DVDs.

They will also be working with a group of freeride skiers called Summits 4 Kids, who will be climbing and skiing Peru’s highest Peaks to raise money for kids in the area. “As an ethical brand we help out the children we meet when we travel to our favourite playgrounds, providing them with the opportunity and environment to express themselves. Being half Peruvian I have always been frustrated with the high level of poverty in this country and even more so by the huge level of child abandonment due to both religious and economical factors”.

They help out by donating 5% of all sales to their partner orphanage in Lima Peru called Nuevo Futuro, which is run by a close family friend. This concept is visualized on their products in the form of prints and embroideries, using the drawings from the kids as inspiration. We also invite artists from around the globe to get involved, allowing themselves to be inspired by the children.

Their goal is to create functional and versatile clothing that people are proud to wear and the ability to help more children is our motivation to grow as a brand. The objective is to eventually work with an orphanage in every continent where they sell their product. “We have already built a very loyal community of like-minded people who follow our projects and the progress of the children. We provide descriptions of how the money is used and when you purchase a product on the website we inform you of your direct contribution to the children. The purchase of one simple top for 40€ for example provides the children with 16 syringes (for vaccines) or 6 bananas. 5% may not seem like a lot but it goes a long way into giving these children the start they deserve. The difference with our ongoing contribution and that of a one off donation is that over time the orphanages will be able to rely on it as a regular income and be able to plan bigger projects such as building extensions and education facilities”.

“One idea I have is to take the artists that are involved in the project to Peru and teach the children techniques to nurture and develop their natural talent and show them that their creativity is a valuable asset and a possible way to make a living one day. Showing them that their drawings have either become or inspired graphics on our product gives them a sense of value and shows them that even at an early age they have talent and that they are a valuable part of the community. Their contribution to the project brings them something back and this is a valuable lesson”.