Behind the Scenes at Shoe String…

- July 18, 2011 3 MIN READ

Hi there Shoe Stringers!

I thought that I would give you all a quick update about some of the exciting things happening behind the scenes at Shoe String Launch. The website has now been up and running for about 8 weeks and so far we have bought you over 170 start up stories from the Australian scene and we have plenty more to share with you from many different industries and sectors. We also Launched Issue One of the magazine on July 1st and so far we have had over 1900 people read it online and over 2000 people read the print version of the magazine around various Australian cafes, universities and startups Hubs. Thank you all SO MUCH for your support!

The team and I have been very busy getting Issue Two together for you, it comes out  August 1st and we have just started putting the finishing touches to it before we send it on over to the printer. You can check out a sneak peek of the cover on our facebook page – The very tall, very approachable and all round awesome duo of Dean McEvoy and Justus Hammer are on the cover, and we look at some online and tech business happenings throughout the issue.

We have also been busy networking and forming some really great partnerships to help us give you an even better reading experience, you will hear more about these in the next few weeks, but let me give you a bird’s eye view of what we will be doing:

We have joined forces with Flying Solo, Australia’s largest network of consultants and solo entrepreneurs. From the next issue you will see a Flying Solo for Shoe String page in the magazine where contributors to their site and people from their network share their knowledge and experience with us. We will also be involved with some events coming up during small business month. Robert Gerrish the managing Director at Flying Solo will also be interviewing me on his web show on BNET.com this week in which I will be talking about Shoe String, exciting times!

In the last couple of weeks we have also partnered with StartCast, those of you that know what’s what on the startup scene would be familiar with the work being done by these guys. Our media partnership with StartCast will take the magazine experience to a whole new level with readers being able to use technology with the print version to see the interviews behind the stories in the magazine – very exciting and something that is not being done at the moment by any print magazine on the startup scene. Stay tuned this will be commencing soon.

And my final bit of news for this post at least is our new distribution partner Di Bella Coffee. This is quite exciting news for us as it allows us to get our publication out to a lot more cafes than we could ever physically manage to at this early stage of our venture. Interviewing Phillip was also one of the best learning experiences I have ever had as a startup business owner and I am looking forward to sharing the story with you. A full list of the cafes / coffee shops will appear on the site very soon.

In addition to this, next month you will also be able to have Shoe String Launch Magazine delivered to your door personally from us, you will be able to organise this online next month, the magazine is free, the same as in the cafes – you just pay for the postage costs to get it delivered each month. Approximately $2.00

Looking forward to getting Issue 2 out to you all and keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive behind the scenes video of an upcoming Shoe String Launch magazine in the making.

Keep us updated with what you are all doing!