BAM! And the Who’s gonna babysit issue is gone!

- July 7, 2011 3 MIN READ


BaM – Babysitters and More is a new website (www.babysittersandmore.com.au) dedicated to introducing families to the perfect Nannies, Babysitters, Cleaners, Tutors, Senior Carers & Companions, Home Managers, Pet sitters, Gardeners & Home maintenance, Party helpers, Packers & Unpackers, House sitters & More!  BaM can solve all of your home help needs on one site…

BaM is aimed at busy families who have the need to outsource household services.  Central to the BAM philosophy is to make the recruitment process both affordable and easy.  BaM understands how hard it can be to juggle a busy family with a busy work life.  We know what home help services are needed and we offer the best carers and service providers on one site.  It’s a simple,  efficient and affordable way to  help busy people  manage their busy lives with as little stress as possible – giving them time back to spend with their family!” says Kate Christie – Co Founder of BaM.

The company: Babysitters and More Pty Ltd was born from the founders’ (Tanya McVicar and Kate Christie pictured) own needs as busy corporate women trying to juggle family life and full time careers. “As busy working mums, we ‘get it’!  We have both spent hours and hours trying to find great babysitters, nannies, after school carers, cleaners, dog walkers and other home helpers who can meet the changing needs of our families.  What we found was that for every home help service we looked for, there was no central place we could easily and cost effectively meet all of our needs.  That’s where BaM comes in!’ says Tanya McVicar.

The services: BaM’s service providers are all aged 18+ and provide a detailed online profile including their experience, skills and qualifications.  There are a number of different subscriptions for busy families to meet every budget. BaM also offers an extensive range of Tools to make the recruitment process easy and efficient  including  Interview Guides, Reference Checking Guide, Employment Contracts & more:  all to assist families make an educated recruitment decision offering ‘peace of mind’ and helping to ensure that families are leaving their children; elderly parents; pets or home with someone they trust.

Why BaM?

A busy mum recently said to Kate: ‘The world is not set up for working mums’. And Kate and Tanya think she is right – or partly right.  In our view the world is not set up for working parents – full stop’ – says Kate.  We’ve all experienced the drop off dash and run (crèche; kinda; school; sport…); the pick-up dash and run (sport; school; kinda; crèche…); the dash and run to work; the dash and run from work; the dash and run from the plane to the shops to home; the dash and run to the supermarket to grab a cake for the school party…  You know what we’re talking about! Kate and Tanya like to call it the ‘dash and run’.  This was certainly the driving force in setting up BaM.  Why should working mums and dads constantly be dashing and running?  And why should they miss out on quality family time by spending ‘down time’ at the supermarket or cleaning the house?  Why should kids miss out on playing basketball because mum and dad work and so can’t get them to training (which always seems to be at 4pm on a weekday!)?

How BaM was born…

Tanya and Kate met in mothers group in 2000.   As mums do – they talked about their kids a lot.  As professional women do – they talked about their careers and the challenges of being working mums.  ‘We talked about the dash and run a lot’ – says Kate.  Christmas 2009 over a few drinks one hot summer evening, they had an epiphany!  ‘It was staring us in the face really – working parents; work life challenges; help…’ says Kate. In the end it was pretty simple.  What was needed was a ‘One Click Shop’ for all home help needs…and that was when the spark for BaM was lit – not just to help Kate and Tanya, but other families too….

To find out more log onto www.babysittersandmore.com.au