Are Women MORE Influential then Men?

- July 20, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

We started to have a really close look at the submissions and nominations for the Young and Influential List today and noticed that 70% of those nominated are women! – This is a great thing by the way don’t get me wrong, but it got me wondering about a few things.

This week Australian Anthill sent out communication to all of their subscribers that there were less women than men that had nominated themselves for the 30 under 30 List,  again it’s something that I don’t really understand.

If I look at things from a marketing perspective maybe 30 under 30 has a stronger, more status related ring to it and so subconsciously men are instantly attracted to it; Young and Influential has a softer less competitive tone about it so perhaps it works in the same way attracting a more female audience…

I could analyse this for hours – What are your thoughts?


PS. Fella’s applications close July 31st, so hurry up and get yours in!