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- June 1, 2011 2 MIN READ

Ryn & Cordie was founded in 2011 by Karyn MacDonald (Ryn) & Cordelia Smiley (Cordie). Already owning and operating a successful creative agency specialising in food marketing and communications, the creation of their own brand and book was a natural progression.

Titled Ryn & Cordie “In Search of the Perfect Partner (The Food & Wine Matching Formula), this self-published cookbook is of the highest quality and packed full of stunning full page photography.

The idea was born from their own need to know how to quickly and easily match food and wine. They couldn’t find anything on the market, so they decided to create it themselves.

Food and wine is both a passion and business for these feisty businesswomen who have packaged the generally serious and complicated world of food and wine matching in a fun, easy and entertaining way.

The brand and book is aimed at everyday people who want to know a little more about food and wine matching, but up until now may have been too intimidated to ask. The book is for anyone who cooks, picks up a glass of wine at the end of the day and needs quick, easy solutions that are going to taste great together.

“Food and wine matching can be really daunting, so we’ve tried to take the fear out of the process with really easy to understand information including food and wine matching rules and a matching chart,” says Ryn.

“To this day, you won’t hear us describe a wine as “fruity with notes of raspberry and hints of strawberry on the back of the palate”. We’ve stripped back this language so significantly that you’ll often just get a groan of delight out of us,” Cordie says.

They knew it was going to be incredibly difficult to get a publisher on board, so they decided to self-publish. Creating the content, designing and printing the book was really hard work, but apparently it was the least challenging part.

The first major speed bump they faced was getting a distributor to take it on. “We didn’t realise that they won’t take a self-published book unless there’s a series already printed, and large book stores will only purchase from a distributor… a massive learning for us!” Ryn says.

But with persistence and a great deal of tenacity they managed to connect with one who has given them a shot and they are now stocked nationally in leading bookstores, bottle shops and selected kitchen stores.

Their brand is all about having fun and demystifying processes in food and wine.

“We hope to take people on a journey where they can look at life from a positive point of view, take the stress out of some of the basics of life and see food and wine for what it is – to be enjoyed!” says Cordie.



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