The Make it Happen Now Marketer

- June 23, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

GigaNova Marketing is about making you look good. It’s about finding creative solutions to challenges and putting them into action today, not tomorrow. It’s about looking at the world from another point of view and wondering why you’d never thought of it before. It’s about what you thought you could never achieve, but is now possible.

Michelle Favero, owner and the make-it-happen-now marketer, began GigaNova Marketing in May 2011. Previously employed in Local Government where jobs are fabled to last forever, she realised that her array of marketing and event management skills was in great demand outside of the four walls of the Council Building.

‘I was working with many authors, charities and creatives, all who commented how I have the personality, skills and drive to fly solo. The message I was hearing was that there were opportunities to use my vast skills and have the flexibility that my family life demanded,’ says Favero who has not looked back since. ‘One of the many benefits of working in Local Government is the generous training budgets which result in investment in their employees’ education. In my time at Council and working overseas in London and South Africa I developed many skills, allowing me to now offer full service agency services – from copywriting to graphic design, event management to media relations to name a few.

Favero has a passion for writing and is an avid blogger. She has also dived into social media opportunities and writes articles for other small business’ websites. Follow her blog at www.giganova.com.au – you’ll be so glad you did!