Signrider: Get paid to drive your Car!

- June 13, 2011 2 MIN READ

This month, Signrider Advertising is launching an exciting new concept, giving Australian car drivers the opportunity to earn money for doing, well, nothing at all! Signrider brings together car owners and businesses across the country, organising high-impact, moving advertising campaigns whereby everyday drivers can earn cash for going about their usual business, with sleek adverts positioned on their cars.

Depending on the campaign, drivers can earn around $40 per week for following their usual driving patterns. “Advertisers carefully select drivers based on their location and driving habits, so drivers aren’t expected to do any extra driving throughout the campaign,” says David McGree, the Founder of Signrider. “So by simply getting on with their lives, our drivers have the pote ntial to earn thousand of dollars a year!”

“We appeal to mums and dads on-the-go, students, young professionals, retirees- in fact, anyone interested in earning extra cash,” says David. “Through Signrider, advertisers choose drivers who match their target audience; therefore we welcome drivers from all walks of life. Whether a car is big, small, new or old and any colour of the rainbow, we have the ability to match car owners with campaigns that are a perfect fit.”

Car owners can register for free by completing the online driver application form. Campaigns are listed on the site and, once registered, drivers can search for advertisers who are looking for people to partake in a campaign.

“It’s a simple process, and if the driver doesn’t have the time to browse through the campaigns online they can wait for an interested advertiser to contact them directly,” says David.

The next stage is similar to an auction, whereby drivers can bid for the campaign, stating their price. The advertiser then chooses between the bidders and, if successful, the driver will receive a confirmation email from Signrider outlining how, when and where the advertising installation will take place.

“We have over 85 installation centres Australia wide and drivers can pick their most convenient location at a time that suits them,” says David. “The stylish advertising is installed in less than two hours on both sides of the car and on the rear window, using only the highest quality materials so car owners can rest assured their car will be protected and at the end of the campaign, the advertising is removed without any damage”.

At the end of each month, the drivers are asked to submit details about how many kilometres they have driven and once this is accepted, Signrider will transfer a monthly payment into a nominated bank account. Each campaign is different and can last anywhere from one month to one year,” says David. “Once a campaign has finished, car owners can bid for a new campaign and continue to earn cash simply by going about their day-to-day business!”


For more information or to register as a car driver visit www.signrider.com.au