Shoe String Launch Magazine Launches!

- June 30, 2011 2 MIN READ

We would like to say a big Thankyou to all our contributors and sponsors who helped put Issue One together for all to see, launching this magazine in conjunction with launching the whole Shoe String Launch business has been a chaotic and extremely rewarding task. We are very proud to put the first issue out to market and can’t wait for issue #2 out August first. You will find a list of locations to find our magazine on the About Us page of this website.

We will be testing a number of locations in these areas and then define our distribution points over the next couple of issues, so if there is a particular entrepreneurial “hotspot” we should be covering please tweet us @sstringlaunch and let us know.

Finally I just want to give a MASSIVE shout out and Thankyou to Derya and Luke who have put in A LOT of time and effort to get this project out, there have been many late nights and a very big lack of social life full stop for both of them – Thank you guys, you are amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better team!

Hope you all enjoy the first  issue as much as we enjoyed the journey to get it to you! And stay tuned Shoe Stringers – Issue 2 will be out before you know it as well as other exciting service announcemnets from the Shoe String Launch team!

Remember to be a Startup you need to Start – Do something today that steps you towards that goal. And be sure to tell us about it!


Owner & Editor


PS. What is my number one learning from putting out issue 1? – I need to hire a proof reader external to the magazine for issue 2 – even though I went over it a billion times, I just found 4 errors in the print copy – eek! I’m sure you will all forgive us being the first issue and all :O)