Pure Water 2 Go

- June 16, 2011 2 MIN READ

The history of Pure Water 2 Go begins in the mid 1990s.  In 1995 patent number 5,609,759 was first filed with the USPTO.  This patent gave way to a new invention that would eventually change the world as we know it, THE FILTERED WATER BOTTLE.  The patent was officially issued in March of 1997 and a company, IPW, was incorporated to market and sell this new technology.

Over the next decade IPW attained additional patents related to the filtered water bottle market, including world patents.  They also defended and won cases in court against companies who were producing filtered water bottles and were in violation of those patents.  However, for 10 years IPW along with various partner companies failed to reach the masses with their patented technology and was struggling financially to make it.

In 2007, Pure Water Global was formed and in turn purchased the patents previously owned by IPW.  The founding partners of Pure Water Global, experts in the water treatment business since the 1960’s, brought with them the capital as well as the water treatment expertise required to bring these world changing patents to the masses and a successful business to fruition.

In 2009 Pure Water Global formed Pure Water 2 Go to market and sell water filtration bottles throughout the US within a growing network of retailers.  Our water filtration patents utilized in our fully customizable Pure Water 2 Go line are also under exclusive license with the makers of the wildly successful bobble.  bobble is sold in all major retail markets throughout the US, Canada and other worldwide markets.  Pure Water 2 Go is not affiliated with Bobble or its parent company other than as a licensor.

About Pure Water 2 Go

The Pure Water 2 Go Pledge:  To positively affect your finances, enhance your personal health, and work actively to protect the planet.  At Pure Water 2 Go, they are committed to utilizing our technology to provide a product that will improve the quality of the water you drink affordably, with minimal impact on the environment.

Spend little, save much.

They rely on a number of patents, licenses and distribution agreements for products or technology on which their personal water filtration systems are based.

Patented Water Filter System: US Patents No. 5,609,759:6,153,096 and other US and foreign patents.