Preparing to Launch

- June 20, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Soon to be off on overseas to meet suppliers in China, Joey Thomas let’s us in on the adventure ahead of her.

“Doona covers with designs that stand out from the boring, drab stuff that you find in the retail outlets right now. Think lots of colour and fun creative designs. White, or traditional floral patterns are definitely off the cards. I also want to offer some more male friendly options as there really is a limited number of choices out there.

You’re bedroom is an expression of who you are, and if you live in a share house, this is the only space you have that’s truly yours. So my goal is to help people turn their room into a place that they really love!

I have been working on this business for 14 months now and this week I finally sent off my first order! It’s certainly been an interesting journey to get to this point. I am hanging out for the products to arrive and am incredibly excited for the upcoming launch of the site in August.

Visit the website to checkout Duckprint’s amazing new range of doona covers