BRW Young Rich Members book: Power to Act

- June 5, 2011 2 MIN READ

Dorry Kordahi founded his business DKM in 2002 at the age of 26. In less than 10 years he is now turning over $10 million  year and is continuing to lead the way in his very competitive field. A Young Rich List member, BRW Fast Starter as well as the owner of one of the top 5 distributed Marketing magazines in Australia, his book “Power to Act” is a must read for every entrepreneur who is starting up.

I am one of those people that either loves or hates a book, if i hate it – I will look for chapters that may be relevant and get what i can out of it and then place it back on the book shelf so it looks like I read way more than I actually do. However if I love a book, it will be consumed within hours, it’s all in or nothing.

Power to Act, was very much one of those reads that I consumed, I started reading the book at midday on

Sunday and found that by 5pm I was up to the last couple of pages. A lot of this has to do with the perspective the book is written from – there are no smokes and mirrors; it is written very straight to the point and quite conversational. This style makes it easy to process the information and reflect on your own startup or idea and think about certain things you may have overlooked or wish to improve.

Dorry summarises each chapter and breaks down the lessons clearly, this allows you to really gain a great understanding about certain theories and business philosophies that he touches on during the book. Throughout he is encouraging, inspirational and extremely giving to the reader with detailed tips and hints that have helped him in his own business, which normally you would find in other business books.

The book is interactive, at the end of each chapter there are spaces for notes, I recommend to read with a pen in hand as I am positive you will be learning quite a few lessons as you go through.

Having met Dorry last week, I love the fact that the book is congruent to how he communicates as a person, his personality is evident throughout the book, and by the end I am confident that you will be wanting to have him as a mentor.

Power to Act is available in major and independent book retailers around Australia or go to www.powertoact.info to find out how you can get a copy.