Night out with a Socialite

- June 2, 2011 2 MIN READ

NightOutWithASocialite.com. The site matches visitors, local residents and international guests with the best Socialites for a VIP night out at locations worldwide.

“We ensure business travellers can get to see the best of any city’s night life,” said Grobbelaar.

Founder, Sean Grobbelaar, has travelled extensively as a sales executive and often found himself in unfamiliar cities where he didn’t know anyone or enough about the local nightlife to know the best places to go. The new service offers a night out with a local socialite who knows the area’s best bars, nightclubs, eateries and festivals for a unique night to remember.

Individuals are treated to memorable experiences within the city with socialites who are well known and have VIP access to a wide variety of nightlife venues and entertainments. Private and small group tours are available and visitors to the site can book a night out with a socialite in advance.

A selection of countries and cities is provided and visitors can choose the type of experience they want, including iconic bars, special events, festivals, best view bars, nightclubs, single men or women, gay tours and day tours. Participants have the opportunity to experience the true flavour of a city instead of typical tourist type attractions.

The site is experiencing an increasing need for additional socialites in locations worldwide. Those who are local party animals with the right qualifications are encouraged to apply via the website. Socialites are responsible for conducting a night out or day tours for individuals, groups and tourists and interact with international guests. No illegal activities are sanctioned.

NightOutWithASocialite.com provides local socialites with the opportunity to be the next Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian or Culum Best in their own city. Many times, visitors to a new location have a limited amount of time to experience what a city has to offer. The service provides travellers, tourists and guests with the means to explore cities with those who know them best.

The service can be contacted by email with the convenient form on the website. For more information, visit the website at www.nightoutwithasocialite.com