New Product! Pure Bamboo.

- June 29, 2011 2 MIN READ

Pure Bamboo offers you a range of natural, environmentally-friendly products that powerfully absorb nasty odours and moisture from indoor living areas and confined spaces.

Perfect for high traffic areas within your home – bathrooms, laundries, storage areas, wardrobes and sports bags, boots and shoes; and in the kitchen, your fridge and freezer. PLUS keep your car, caravan, tent or boat free from bad smells, moisture and mildew as well.

The Pure Bamboo products protect your treasured investments, help them to last longer and make sure they are always ready for use (no cleaning mould or airing out required).

Now stocked by Howards Storage World across Australia and many other stockists , Pure Bamboo is revolutionising the homewares market with products that don’t mask strong odours or fill the air with allergens, perfumes or chemicals.

Pure Bamboo products are made from environmentally-friendly Moso Bamboo charcoal which has been used in eastern cultures for centuries for its powerful absorption properties. The charcoal has billions of porous pockets (10 times more than traditional charcoal) that work together to absorb chloride, sulfide and formaldehyde as well as strong smells, humidity.

Pure Bamboo offers a wide range of beautiful bamboo charcoal products to purify your air and drinking water, absorb odours and moisture from around your home and office and beauty products that uplift and revitalise.

Each item is recharged by placing it in direct sunlight for one hour each month and the products will last at least a year if not longer. This makes Pure Bamboo an extremely affordable option for protecting your belongings from moisture and odour and making them last longer.

Moso Bamboo is grown in pesticide-free, sustainable plantation forests in Taiwan. The regular regeneration of these plantations creates vibrant social businesses for local people and their families.

Moso Bamboo is not eaten by Pandas. It generates more oxygen than other trees. It is a popular material of choice due to its fast growth, incredible strength and versatility. It also produces a wide range of health and lifestyle benefits such as those derived from bamboo charcoal.

Bamboo charcoal is created in four, environmentally-friendly heating stages with no carbon emissions. It is shaped into various sizes for use in homes and offices.

Visit www.purebamboo.com.au to see the wide range of products for homes, offices, travel, beauty, pets and outdoor.