Mastering Investments

- June 19, 2011 3 MIN READ

Gathering together highly successful coaches in property, shares and mindset the way the resounding success of the 2010 Mastering Investments Seminar did is a one in a thousand event. It may never happen again.

The good news is two women have captured the whole event and made it available online through the Mastering Investments Online Course which will wipe away all your confusion and lay out exactly how to find and choose healthy investments.

The ultimate property and share investment online course is ready for you to start now. And here’s how exactly the Mastering Investments’ Online Course can kick start your investment journey:

· 10 sessions with audio recordings and supporting videos you can work through at your own pace.

· Learn the way you like: listen, read, or watch with downloadable PDF notes experts presentations, investment exercises and practice sheets, MP3 talks and short videos in each session.

· Set-up your finances, learn how to analyse and develop property assets so you can start trading immediately!

· Discover six ‘every day’ people who created massive wealth and now simply want to share ALL their strategies with you, so you can do it too!

· FREELY repeat the course as many times as you like and re-listen to as many sessions as you want.

· Walk away with an action plan so you start creating wealth immediately.

· This all comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

If your curiosity has been piqued but not quite convinced yet, allow six successful share and property investors to share with you their secrets for FREE. This is the kind of team and collaboration you need to master your investments.  If you sign up for a one-on-one mentorship with any of these six investors, you will be paying hundreds of dollars by the hour. However, head on to www.masteringinvestments.com and you will receive the tips right in your inbox. These tips will give you a good foundation on getting started with your wealth creation. It will cost you nothing.

You won’t just be inspired with this course. For once you’ll be prepared to take action with an itemised plan on where and how to get started.

Mastering Investments Online Course Founders

Justine Pollard

Dubbed as the Millionaire Trader in the recently released Ms Millionaire book (written by sisters Fiona Jones and Rebecca Griffin, who grew up in the Hunter Valley), Justine is a great inspiration to others with her story about how she bought her first shares when she left high school which set her up to buy her first investment property. Now, Justine is a sought-after trading mentor, speaker and best-selling author of the Top 10 Best Selling Finance book Smart Trading Plans. She is also featured in other top-rated books like Real traders, Real lives, Real Money and 20 Most Common Trading Mistakes and The Wiley Trading Guide with many other top traders.

Justine is the brains, the motivation and the woman behind Smart Trading (www.smarttrading.com.au) which continually helps traders from the beginners to the advanced become profitable in the market and increase their wealth through innovative training packages and products. Justine trades the market and runs her business all from the comfort of her home.  This has enabled her to drop her beautiful girl off to school plus spend quality time with her 3 year old boy.


Katie McDonald

Katie was 23 when she started her investing journey. Since she bought her first investment property, she has always known that there was a better way. As a mother to two beautiful boys, she wanted to have more time to stay at home to take care of her family. However, with the impetus to contribute to the family’s financial future, Katie decided to take control of her financial future. She is now confident to say she could support the family and all their properties with a strategy that only takes about an hour a day.

At present, she looks after a multimillion dollar property portfolio plus a multimillion dollar share portfolio – consisting of a personal share portfolio and several super funds… and growing. Katie’s business; Freedom for Women (www.freedomforwomen.com.au) educate others through one on ones and seminars on how to control their financial future.