Less Typing, More Talking

- June 26, 2011 2 MIN READ

There has been a major fundamental shift in the way that we communicate these days. I have friends, really good friends that I have not seen for years but through mediums such as facebook we can keep each other up to date without having to ever make any effort to contact each other.

This mentality is slowly making its way into the B2B marketplace and changing the way we do business.Now this is just my opinion but I refuse to ever entertain the concept that a loyal business partnership can ever be built solely via email, don’t get me wrong typing has its place and plays an important role but there is something that has to be said about that personal touch of a phone call to ensure that you are building a lasting relationship.

In addition to this I am impatient and a phone call allows me to get a direct response immediately. So why do we put off getting on the blower and having a good old fashion yarn when it comes to business these days? Why are we so call reluctant?

In the case of sales calls, which lets be honest are the most daunting calls to make in business; the number one reason we put off the call is because we fear rejection and do not know how to overcome objections properly. If this sounds like you or your staff then maybe give these 5 things a spin and see if it helps make a difference.

1. Set yourself Activity based goals.

If you say that you want to achieve 40 quality calls today then you will actually need to call and speak to 40 people to achieve this. The more activity you do, the more revenue opportunities you create for yourself.

2. Check your inside voice.

If you think you are not going to make a sale on the call then you will most definitely succeed in achieving that goal. Every call is a sale, expect people to say yes – you will be surprised.

3. Know your product.

If you don’t know what you are selling back to front, and the benefits to the customer, than you should not be selling it.

4. Be prepared for each call.

You should at least know who you are calling and a little bit about their company, it will make breaking down those barriers so much easier.

5. Listen.

Everybody hates the sales person who just goes into the pitch and pushes the product. Listen to their concerns and solve their problems.

Sending generic sales pitches via email wastes time, pick up the phone and do your calls, identify the genuine prospects and then spend some time on sending those people over tailored quality sales proposals.

I believe that everyone can sell if they really want to and have seen and trained people to do exactly that, what are your thoughts?