Kiddie Concepts

- June 27, 2011 2 MIN READ

Lisa Ryan is a working mum of two young children. Her company is Kiddie Concepts.

KiddieConcepts, an eco-friendly company based in Melbourne, Australia has launched its safer, healthier alternative to the plastic sippy bottle. Practical, stylish and safe for kids the Adaptable Kiddie bottle allows you to simply change the top as your child grows. The Adaptable Kiddie bottle can change from a nipple teat to sippy top (AVENT Sippy Top supplied with bottle) and finally can convert into a sports bottle. The perfect three-in-one bottle!

For years there have been concerns that toxins / chemicals can leach from plastic into drinks and food. Some chemicals that can leach from plastics, such as bisphenol A (BPA) have the potential to cause endocrine disruption by mimicking hormones which could affect a child’s hormone balances. Children’s products containing BPA have been banned in France, Denmark, Canada and a number of States in the US in response to research and consumer concerns. Unfortunately, despite mounting evidence of the harmful effects of BPA it is not yet banned in Australia.

KiddieConcepts products represent a healthier, BPA free alternative to plastic sippy bottles. They are perfectly designed for young children including easy to grip handles. Made from stainless steel (18/8) the bottles are non-toxic, durable and reusable.

Lisa says that “one winter night in 2010 my husband and I were sitting around the dinner table, sharing a bottle of red and lamenting the fact that our children are growing up in a world surrounded by harmful toxins. To some extent we felt that this is out of our control but we decided to make sure that we did whatever we could to provide them with a safe and healthy childhood. So I created KiddieConcepts, a company whose aim is to provide healthy, sustainable, practical products. Our mission is to provide quality products that are durable, reusable and as chemical free as possible.”