Introducing the man behind Trixan.

- June 28, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

David Brown is an Australian entrepreneur who is attempting to replicate the Virgin business model on his home turf with a stable of fashion and lifestyle websites stocking some of the world’s biggest brands and exporting the benefits of in-store shopping to the homes of its UK and US customers, while also selling to Australian internet shoppers.

Introducing Trixan:

Trixan (a name devised by the owner which has no actual meaning but sticks in the mind!) is the brainchild of David Brown, a Sydney father-of-two who began his retailing company from the stationery cupboard of his tiny office. After 10 years David sells 40,000 products across 100 brands on Trixan Body and his robust pet store Trixan Pet stocks 3,000 products and sells to the US, UK and Australia.

What sets David apart from his fellow e-entrepreneurs is his approach to building and running online stores. David does everything in his power to replicate the high street experience online – from providing runway video of EVERY product on Trixan Body and selling pet products at prices way below those sold in stores, to launching ‘Free Shipping and Free Returns’ for life to ensure his customers can order and return what doesn’t fit at no extra cost. In 2010 Trixan was awarded the NSW Export Award for Large Services.