Guidance for your Startup?

- June 22, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

The current market offers many types of guidance cards with themes surrounding Angels,Saints, crystals, Archangels, Fairies and Goddess Oracles.Almost all of them are designed for the female consumer and the cards are presented in large bright, colourful spiritual, angelic/religious graphics.They are very popular in spiritual/New Age stores but have not really made the transition into the mainstream market.

lifetiles108 appeals toa diverse and wide range of consumers who seek an inspirational modern gift or personal development tool without the fuss of typical new age themes.It is designed to be a contemporary, user-friendly yet effective method of guidance for our fast evolving modern world.It allows the individual to discover alternative ways of seeking answers and directions other than daily horoscopes etc,.

“The concept for lifetiles108 was created over two years ago while searching for my own answers on how

intuition develops and strengthens when consciously following guidance.  Often I would buy books which

included exercises or meditations to enhance the intuitive mind however, after a few attempts the enthusiasm

faded and I was onto the next thing.”


“I was inspired to create a method of seeking answers, quickly, conveniently and accurately.  Whenever I felt

the need to validate a feeling or ask a question in regards to a direction I was contemplating, I would simply

shuffle the deck and choose a card.  The card selected would provide an answer that either confirmed a feeling

or suggested a way of resolving an issue.  It has been a valuable source of guidance that has led me to invest

in this opportunity that I hope will develop into my new career path.”

Lifetiles launches on July 1st this year www.lifetiles108.com.au