Giving you Two Cents worth

- June 20, 2011 2 MIN READ

At TwoCents, they merge strategy and creative to help clients grow their brands, increase sales and expand their business. Their focus is across six areas of expertise, each one a vital component in developing the growth of your company.

It’s estimated that the average consumer is exposed to over 3,000 brand messages on a daily basis. Their objective is to make them remember yours.


They believe that taking a core message to your target market in a memorable and succinct way, in the correct timeline and within your budget, will deliver you results. Their objective is to fuse traditional media platforms with cutting-edge communication concepts to deliverable measurable ROI on short-term campaigns.


Your brand is your most important asset. It’s more than just the face of your business, but the very heart of your business, communicating your story to your consumers. A brand is a visual promise of an experience that you’ll deliver. Whether you’re building a new brand, or re- invigorating an existing brand, they can help.

Marketing Strategy

Without a coherent and coordinated marketing strategy, the development of your business can fluctuate randomly. A comprehensive strategy can deliver growth, assurance and brands. Successful strategy promotes, educates and grows awareness with your consumers, ensuring correct target markets are introduced to your business and quality existing customers return more frequently.


Creativity sells. It engages and entrances people with great ideas, challenging concepts and visually stunning imagery. From a simple graphic, to an interactive website through to overarching campaign ideas, their objective is to draw attention away from your competitors, and towards you.


An online presence is vital for success. From e-newsletters, websites, e-commerce sites, landing pages, Facebook pages and banner adverts, TwoCents can develop everything you need to capture that digital traffic.

Social Media

Developing a social media campaign is a vital part of any company’s growth, irrespective of your business. Social media has redefined communication and allows people to interact, share interests and stay connected. TwoCents are experts at all forms of social media and we can help you do the same.