Dynamic Duo: Evie & Kish

- June 15, 2011 2 MIN READ

Evie, short for Vivek Dugar is a dynamic 30 year old, self driven entrepreneur.  With two Masters under his belt in Commerce and Finance. Vivek has been busy building a business empire. He owns & runs a curtain and blinds business – www.arrowcurtains.com, as well as importing and exporting textile products, and is about to change the world with a revolutionary carbon trading business – www.weact.com.au.

Vivek began investing from the age of 14, buying and selling books to school mates when it was exam time. At 17 years, he had the opportunity to run and turn around a family owned textile mill, which employed 300 people, from a loss to a profit within three months. Within six months the mill was achieving the highest production in history.

”Evie” has the unique ability to determine an entry point in the market, hence the success of his four businesses. He lives by and believes in the business fundamental of “Doing the right thing”.

In 2008 he made another wise investment by marrying Karishma Kasabia (26). With a Degree and Masters in Art & Design she was encouraged by Vivek to open her own design studio known as “Miss Kish”- www.misskish.com.  The “Miss Kish” brand is reflective of its vibrant Creative Director – it’s smart, quirky and beautiful. The brand represents Karishma’s passion for all things exquisite and her commitment to high quality design work.

The vision for Miss Kish is a global design studio with a quality reputation driving clients to the company.

What makes Evie and Kish so successful? Hard work,  a hands on approach and clear goals . With the motto ”Let’s do it together”, they love to discover new talent and are excited about helping individuals and businesses grow.

What’s next for Evie and Kish? They are building sister businesses under their company name www.kishandevie.com. There are many fabulous things on the horizon from graphic design to fabric, curtains and more – maybe even street food.

Keen travellers they will endeavour to explore all things beautiful and present them to the world they know and love. Stay tuned for Kish & Co. to be launched in August 2011.