Designer Mama!

- June 27, 2011 2 MIN READ

Nicole is a mother to 3 small children, due with her 4th child any day now! Aside from being a mother she is also the founder of Designer Mamas who offer women Designer Hospital Gowns, a real alternative to the hospital issued gowns for their labour, delivery & recovery.

She started her business in February 2010 and it has really gone from strength to strength since then.  She now has Wholesale Baby represent her for all of my wholesale orders which is working fantastically.

Generally hospital gowns have a ‘one size fits no-one’ approach with ties down the back and across the top of each shoulder with large gaps in between.  “This is very exposing for women through their labour, particularly early labour when there can be many hours of pacing the maternity ward halls. Giving birth can be a very uncertain time for women, even those that have done it many times and feeling exposed during this time certainly does not help. It was my personal goal when creating my business to make women look and feel better at this extremely special time in their lives. I developed the Designer Hospital Gowns to combat all of these issues! Our gorgeous gowns come in 3 sizes – S/M, L/XL & 1X Plus Size” says Nicole.

“We have also chosen 4 modern prints that are both stylish and feminine and have named our gowns Chic Mama, Sassy Mama, Princess Mama and Designer Mama. Our gowns have snap locks down the back and also at the top of each shoulder. These snap locks allow the gowns to function as a typical hospital gown does WITHOUT all of the flesh exposure! The shoulder snaps allow for easy, discrete breastfeeding as well as any medical lines that may be necessary throughout your labour and birth. We then added a co-ordinating ribbon tie just for that little extra style!”