CarJoy – New Group Buying site for Cars!

- June 29, 2011 2 MIN READ

Australia’s passion for group buying continues with people now able to buy some of the most popular makes and models of cars at unbeatable prices with the launch of CarJoy, a group buying site for cars.

CarJoy offers a brand new way to buy a car and the resulting savings are substantial. CarJoy takes the hassle out of buying cars by negotiating bulk buying discounts with the biggest car dealers and manufacturers in each city and then advertising the discounted price on their website. CarJoy has already partnered with Tynan Motors and West End Mazda and has 15 brands of cars ready to be discounted.

CarJoy founders Adam Trouncer and Robbie Rankin said, “Instead of using group power to purchase small products, CarJoy focuses on a much bigger ticket item and can save customers thousands of dollars when buying a new car”.

The pair, friends from Sydney University where they both studied, were inspired to launch CarJoy after Robbie noticed the stress and negative experience his mother had in buying a new car.

“Mum was getting the run around from all the dealers she visited and the idea just clicked. My friends and I were major fans of group buying and daily deals and we knew we could use that model and offer something even bigger…I mean, saving 60% on a dinner is great but I think saving thousands when buying a new car is even better!”.

Claire Tynan, Automotive Authority and former CEO of Mahindra Australia states that “leveraging the internet to create value for the end consumer is one of the ways forward for car manufacturers. By enabling consumers to become bulk buyers via the internet the consumer is able to enjoy savings that were previously not possible”.

The first deal will run in NSW for 15 days from Friday 1 July and will feature one of Australia’s most popular cars, the 2011 Mazda 3 – Neo. When 10 people sign up, each customer can save $4500 off the retail price. This price is about $2000 better than the listed price on any major car advertising website. CarJoy is passionate about getting the best price possible for their customers, so if you happen to find a better price on the advertised deal, CarJoy will beat it by $500.

Juliet Potter, the founder of Autochic.com.au – Australia’s number one car buying website for women states that “CarJoy is particularly useful for female car buyers given they understand and love the group buying phenomenon. Traditionally, the car buying process is unchartered territory for women; so anything that can make this process easier, particularly using the  online platform, along with allowing the consumer to obtain the best price and have the best price guaranteed has my approval!”.

Ms Potter also states that “girls love a bargain yet still find car buying stressful and
somewhat confusing. With CarJoy, it appears women really can get the best of both worlds”.

The CarJoy team intend to roll out deals in other states as demand from customers grows Australia wide.